Traduceri Legalizate Autorizate – UK, Londra Traduceri Legalizate – Traduceri Autorizate UK
Traduceri Legalizate Ambasada Legalizari Apostila de la Haga
Birou de traduceri legalizate, acceptate de Consulatul si Ambasada României la Londra UK.Cu o experiență de peste 15 de ani în UK, va oferim expertiza noastra in traduceri autorizate si legalizari ale documentelor oficiale pentru institutiile din Marea Britanie.
Va oferim de asemenea servicii notariale (Procuri, Legalizari) si traduceri in peste 150 de limbi.
tel: 0740 1040692

Acreditari Marea Britanie

In multilingual communication since 1990, LegalVision Ltd. has emerged today as the premier translation company in UK offering high quality multilingual translation & documentation services from Romanian to any Language in the world.
Professionally managed by a Senior Translator, LegalVision owes its reputation of reliability to its uncompromising commitment to quality and on-time delivery of your documents, at most competitive rates.
Our team of more than 800 highly qualified, professional translators and revisers work on your projects in various language combinations and disciplines. We only depute native translators or those having native level proficiency on your projects.

Translation and Localization

We undertake translation, localization and typesetting in more than 150

International and Romanian languages in Science & Technology, Medicine, Law, Business and Finance, Publicity and Advertisements, Travel & Tourism and Social Sciences. A full spectrum of high-end computers, multilingual softwares and internet tools are used to enhance the quality of content and presentation.
Copy Writing and Editing Services
– LegalVision
is at your service for creative and technical copy writing and editing projects.
– Transcription: We undertake accurate & fast transcription of your audio and video content.
– Voice-overs: Count on us for complete Audio & Video text adaptation, script translation & voice-overs.

We provide services to a wide array of clients ranging from Government departments, PSUs, Private Sector Companies, MNCs, UN Agencies, Publishers, Advertising Agencies, Tour and Travel companies, Government, Embassy’s and Councils in UK and abroad.

Our Romanian Translation Services are impeccable with total customer satisfaction.

Since we start in UK, we have met or exceeded our clients precise requirements with accuracy and reliability in Romanian Translation. We offer specialized translations to meet the different needs of our clients:

Corporate Financial Documents
Annual / Interim Reports
Bond Issues
Cancellation of Shares/ HMRC Documents
Circular (Placings/Bonus issues / Rights issues)
Corporate Offshore Relocation Disposal /
Acquisition Explanatory, Memorandum (Unit Trusts / Mutual Funds)
Memorandum & Articles of Association
Merger / Restructuring & Reorganization
New Listing Prospectus (Offer for sale / Open offer)
Reduction of Capitals
Resumption of Trading on the Stock Exchange
Legal Documents
Trade Contracts / Agreements / Client Agreements
Commercial and Trade Agreements
Joint Venture Agreements
Loan Agreements
Tenancy Agreements
General Business Documents
Building / Construction Specifications
Company Brochures, Leaflets, website
Business Correspondence
Press Release / Feature Articles / Blogs Article
Promotion and Sales Literatures / Marketing
Technical Specifications / Documents / Manuals

We also provide services including copywriting, editorial proofreading, technical writing and typesetting.
Specialised Romanian Translation

Business General
Business Marketing
Child Care
Civil Engineering
Computer and Information Sciences,
Computer Engineering,
Computer Games and Gambling,
Electronic Games,
Culinary Arts,
Design and Applied Arts,
Electrical Engineering,
Environmental Science,
Ethnic and Cultural Studies,
Film and Cinema Studies,
Food Sciences,
Humanities and Humanistic Studies,
Information Sciences and Systems,
Journalism and Mass Communication,
Linguistics & Literature
Manufacturing (Metal Working and Products, Instruments, Furniture, Printing, Clothing, etc.), Mechanical Engineering,
Medicine — Public Health Education and Promotion,
Medicine — Social Psychology,
Medicine (General),
Music, Music History and Literature,
Oil and Gas Engineering,
Photographic Arts, Photography,
Physical Education Teaching and Coaching,
Political Science,
Religion and Religious Studies,
Science (General),
Software Engineering,
Sport and Fitness,
Textile Sciences and Engineering,
Theology and Theological Studies,
Transportation, Veterinary,
Visual and Performing Arts,
Women Studies,

We have several delivery options ranging from our Certified Translations emergency service to be completed within the same day to our standard delivery option for Official Translations to be completed within 4 business days.

Should you need more details, please free to contact us by phone/email for a prompt response.

Documentele emise in Marea Britanie nu sunt recunoscute de catre Statul Roman si Consulatul Romaniei la Londra daca nu poarta sigiliul si certificatul Apostilei de la Haga.

Descarca formular apostila